The conservation of our water sources, safe water access and sanitation, research in water resources and sharing the knowledge that we generate. These are just examples of what we do to preserve water, one of the most important resources for humankind.

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Food education, research in health and nutrition, as well as dissemination of knowledge. We focus our actions on the promotion of positive behavioral changes for the adoption of healthier lifestyles among our communities.

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We are pleased to share with you the activities we performed in 2015 through FEMSA Foundation. This year, the path we have followed since we started operating seven years ago, has not only led us to results, but also allowed us to expand our vision into the future by fostering innovation and cooperation among different sectors in order to address more effectively water and nutrition challenges in the communities where we operate.


Chairman of the Board of FEMSA Foundation

President of the Administration Board of FEMSA


Former Director of
FEMSA Foundation

Director of Public
Affairs and Strategic
Relations of FEMSA

Lic. Mariano Montero Zubillaga

Director of FEMSA Foundation

He started his career at FEMSA in Human Resources during the early seventies. From 1989 to 1994 he worked in intermediary organizations and for the Government of the State of Nuevo León. In 1994 he rejoined FEMSA’s workforce as Executive President of Coca-Cola FEMSA Buenos Aires, the Company’s first international operation. From 2000, and for the following 15 years, he acted as General Director for Imbera and PTM. Under his leadership Imbera developed into the largest commercial beverage refrigeration company worldwide and PTM is now the Mexican leader in plastic products for materials handling.

Strategic Alliances

Close cooperation with partners that contribute with their efforts, capacities and knowledge to multiply results is at the core of our work. During 2015, we strengthened alliances that allowed us to have a positive impact on communities in Latin America and the Philippines.


Board of Directors

Thanks to the work of our Board of Directors, at FEMSA Foundation we have been able to outline a better future for the communities where we work. Every member of our Board has the essential job of directing our efforts. A way they do so is by considering the projects presented, after previous assessment, by both the water and nutrition areas in order to continue benefiting people.


Our Investment

At FEMSA Foundation, we aim to multiply the benefits we bring to communities. In 2015, we guaranteed over US $21.61 million in investments along with our partners. In other words, an additional US $3.42 for each dollar invested throughout the year.