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3.0 Educación en Nutrición

3.9 Nutrition Education at School

According to the ENSANUT 2012, 36.9% of the students in Guanajuato, Mexico, reached an alarming overweight rate in 2012.

3.8 Schools with Food Education

Learning good eating habits at school is essential. Through game-based workshops, we promote the formation of criteria to choose the right food among students and their families in Bogotá, Colombia.

3.7 CONIN Maternal and Child Center

FEMSA Foundation with the Pilares Foundation, Coca-Cola FEMSA Argentina and other organizations, supports the CONIN Center.

3.6 Healthy Edison Polygon Project

We conducted workshops on health and nutrition matters in seven schools in the area to promote healthy eating and physical activity among children, their parents, and teachers.

3.5 Reduction of chronic malnutrition in Guatemala

We partnered with Food for the Hungry Guatemala to implement the Reduction of Chronic Malnutrition in Guatemala project in municipalities of the Ixil region.

3.4 Healthy Being

María José and the artistic group have already traveled in seven occasions to different communities, replicating the messages on health and nutrition that Healthy Being promotes in schools.

3.3 Healthy and Active

The project focuses on good habit workshops such as healthy nutrition, hygiene and physical activity, directly conducted by Save The Children staff for children of school age (6 to 15 years old).

3.2 Colors Campaign

For FEMSA Foundation, the Colors Campaign is a special project. In 2013, we carried out our nutrition-focused projects outside Mexico for the first time.

3.1 Food Banks

Along with companies, academics and the Saltillo Food Bank, we launched Eating as a Family in 2014, our first pilot project with a mobile kitchen.