Board of

Thanks to the work of our Board of Directors, at FEMSA Foundation we have been able to outline a better future for the communities where we work. Every member of our Board has the essential job of directing our efforts. A way they do so is by considering the projects presented, after previous assessment, by both the water and nutrition areas in order to continue benefiting people.


José Antonio Fernández Carbajal

President of the Administration
Board of FEMSA


Carlos Aldrete Ancira

Legal Director and Secretary
of the Board of Directors of FEMSA


Javier Gerardo Astaburuaga Sanjínes

Corporate Vice-President of FEMSA

Genaro Borrego Estrada

Vice-President of Corporate Affairs of FEMSA

Dolf Van Den Brink


Alfonso Garza Garza

Vice-President of Strategic Business of FEMSA

José González Ornelas

Vice-President of Administration and Corporate Control of FEMSA

Charles H. McTier

Trustee and former President of the Robert Woodruff Foundation Inc.

Eduardo Padilla Silva

Chief Executive Officer of FEMSA Comercio

Federico Reyes García

Vice-President of Corporate Development of FEMSA

Carlos Salazar Lomelín

Chief Executive Officer of FEMSA

Manuel Sama Treviño

Founding Partner and Director of Sama, Cueva and Valencia Associated Consultants

John Santa María Otazua

Chief Executive Officer of Coca-Cola FEMSA