We are pleased to share with you the activities we performed in 2015 through FEMSA Foundation.

This year, the path we have followed since we started operating seven years ago, has not only led us to results, but also allowed us to expand our vision into the future by fostering innovation and cooperation among different sectors in order to address more effectively water and nutrition challenges in the communities where we operate. By involving the inhabitants in the solution, we promote comprehensive development and in so doing, their economic, social and environmental development simultaneously in a sustainable way.

In terms of water resources, our Water Links program, which focuses on water access, sanitation and hygiene, benefited more than 37,000 people with safe drinking water in 2015. This brings us closer to reaching our goal of 100,000 people in five countries throughout Latin America. On the other hand, the 19 Water Funds that the Latin American Water Funds Partnership supports have brought together more than 170 organizations from all sectors which have already invested more than USD $103.9 million in the sustainability of their water sources. As for nutrition, our programs have taken solid steps towards consolidation. Through projects such as Healthy and Active, Colors Campaign and our collaboration with the Mexican Food Bank Network, more than 40,500 children, teenagers, parents and teachers receive nutrition education. Our intention is to empower people by providing them with the information they need to make better decisions and acquire healthy habits from their early childhood.

Benefiting more than 97,000 people in 172 communities, the plans we established have continued to crystallize successfully, leaving behind sustainable impacts in Latin America and Asia, and also great learning experiences for us. Today, the Foundation is ready for a new direction based on its past work and efforts, a precedent that will be difficult to outdo. We know that we cannot do it alone. Our collaboration with first-level partners allows us to leverage the benefits we bring to the communities and increase the social return of our investment. In 2015, we guaranteed investments of over USD $21.61 million, which mean an additional USD $3.42 for each dollar invested throughout the year. We hope that in this future we are outlining, we may have the confidence and ongoing support of our strategic partners so that, together, we can continue making a better future for all.


Chairman of the Board of FEMSA Foundation

President of the Administration Board of FEMSA


Former Director of
FEMSA Foundation

Director of Public
Affairs and Strategic
Relations of FEMSA

In late 2015, FEMSA Foundation started a new stage. Here is a brief career overview of our new Director, Mr. Mariano Montero Zubillaga..

Lic. Mariano Montero Zubillaga

Director of FEMSA Foundation

He started his career at FEMSA in Human Resources during the early seventies. From 1989 to 1994 he worked in intermediary organizations and for the Government of the State of Nuevo León. In 1994 he rejoined FEMSA’s workforce as Executive President of Coca-Cola FEMSA Buenos Aires, the Company’s first international operation. From 2000, and for the following 15 years, he acted as General Director for Imbera and PTM. Under his leadership Imbera developed into the largest commercial beverage refrigeration company worldwide and PTM is now the Mexican leader in plastic products for materials handling.