A look at the construction of urban spaces from Early Childhood

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SITAC Nodes: Bajío | pollinating the territory

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We open dialogues to promote Art and Culture

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Clean Points: a meeting between tourism and environmental awareness of Tulum

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In Latin America we face complex social and environmental challenges. We must take action today to cause lasting positive effects.

Science-Based Solutions
We collaborate with experts who help us find the right approach to solve a problem.
Collective Action
We generate a shared vision of the solution, becoming articulators of multi-sector collaboration platforms.
Monitoring and Improvement
We build learning and innovation mechanisms to focus, evolve, and improve our processes and programs.
Community Engagement
We get communities involved to empower them with solutions, taking into account their context to better address their inclusion.


To secure the future we envision, we focus
on four causes that tackle systemic problems in the region

Water Security

Water Security

We develop an understanding of how we must relate to water and what issues to solve to maintain its quality and quantity.

Early Childhood

Early Childhood

We champion this key stage (0-6 years) in which children develop their intellectual, social, and cognitive skills, so that they can transform their surroundings with equity and justice.

Arts and Culture

Arts and Culture

We bring art to communities with spaces for self-reflection and dialogue, to increase participation and build empathic and united communities.

Circular Economy

Circular Economy

We aim to stop the leakage of waste into the environment to build a cleaner and healthier Latin America to live in.


With the support of our strategic partners, we have amplified our impact in 13 Latin American countries over the last 13 years.

  • United States

  • Mexico

  • Guatemala

  • Nicaragua

  • Panama

  • Costa Rica

  • Colombia

  • Ecuador

  • Peru

  • Paraguay

  • Brazil

  • Argentina

  • Chile