10 Years Making a Better Future

For us at FEMSA Foundation, everything began with a vision and the tireless will to fulfill it.

In its beginnings, the founders of FEMSA had a very clear idea: there are sustainable companies only if their communities are sustainable. This is how a long history of encouraging people and their development began.

In the early 21st century, it was necessary to renew the way in which we wanted to reach that goal. In 2008, the reinforced version of that idea emerged in the FEMSA Foundation, an instrument that contributes to the creation of FEMSA’s long-term social value.

Always having the person at the center of our actions, we make positive changes through social investment for sustainability in three areas:


Sustainable Development
We bring sustainable access to safe water and improved sanitation where we operate. In addition, we want these regions to achieve water security.


Early Childhood Development
Our vision is that children reach their potential and transform our communities.


FEMSA Cultural Program
We contribute to a greater knowledge and appreciation of modern and contemporary Latin American art through a program of art shows and various artistic initiatives such as the FEMSA Biennial and FEMSA-Casa Luis Barragán.

As of today, we have invested more than USD $40 million and leveraged USD $139 million from more than 250 strategic partners. Together, we have positive impacts on the lives of more than 26 million people in 2,100 communities in 18 countries.

We have gone a long way in these 10 years, but we know we can go further. Together, with the tireless will to achieve the vision of our founders and that is still what we believe in, what we create day by day. Making a better future for all.

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