A Long-Term Strategy

During its history, things for FEMSA have not always been easy. We have lived prosperous times and we have kept afloat finding a way around serious crises. With each experience, we always try to learn and adjust our course to become a global company, remaining firm in our mission of creating economic and social value.

It was very clear for our founders that there can be sustainable companies only if their communities are sustainable. This is how a long history of commitment to people and their development began since 1890. In 1997, with the FEMSA Cultural Program and in 2008 with the FEMSA Foundation, we finished the reinforced version of this idea through an instrument to create value through social investment for sustainability.

Therefore, we celebrate the first ten years of the FEMSA Foundation focusing its work always on the person. During these years we have mobilized more than 100 million dollars with more than 250 strategic partners and have had a positive impact on more than 17.4 million lives in the countries where we operate. Just like our business, this approach has evolved and we have designed innovative solutions to the challenges of the 21st century. Today, with our initiatives in water, early childhood development and in the cultural program, we contribute to the sustainability of our society and that of our company.

Now that we also face significant political situations in Latin America, we should learn lessons from our history and turn the coming challenges and changes into great opportunities to grow. It is now when creating social value efficiently will be even more important. Through the FEMSA Foundation, we will continue working, with determination and professionalism, to achieve the vision of our founders and that is still what we believe in, what we create day by day: a better future for everyone.