FEMSA Foundation was established in 2008 to create positive changes in the lives of millions of Latin Americans. As part of a company founded more than 130 years ago, we inherited the enthusiasm to transform every corner in which we operate. With strong conviction, we provide tools for a better future.


We promote social investment projects with a sustainable and long-term vision, tackling systemic problems to benefit millions of Latin Americans and their communities.


In Latin America we face complex social and environmental challenges. We must take action today to cause lasting positive effects.

Science-Based Solutions
We collaborate with experts who help us find the right approach to solve a problem.
Collective Action
We generate a shared vision of the solution, becoming articulators of multi-sector collaboration platforms.
Monitoring and Improvement
We build learning and innovation mechanisms to focus, evolve, and improve our processes and programs.
Community Engagement
We get communities involved to empower them with solutions, taking into account their context to better address their inclusion.



The support of our partners enables us to multiply the impact of our resources. In 2021 we leveraged US$5.75 for every dollar invested, securing a total investment of more than US$44 million.



The work and counsel of our Board of Directors have led us to advance development for the communities in which we work. Each and every member is responsible for guiding our efforts in the projects we evaluate and implement.


José Antonio Fernández Carbajal
Executive Chairman of the Board of Directors of FEMSA


Alejandro Gil
General Counsel of FEMSA


Daniel Alberto Rodríguez Cofré
Chief Executive Officer of FEMSA

John Santa Maria Otazúa
Chief Executive Officer of Coca-Cola FEMSA

Roberto Campa Cifrián
Director of Corporate Affairs of FEMSA

Alfonso Garza Garza
Chief Executive Officer of FEMSA Negocios Estratégicos

Francisco Camacho
Chief Corporate Officer of FEMSA

Guillaume Duverdier
Chief Executive Officer of FEMSA


Our collaborators are essential to create today the positive effects of tomorrow.

Meet our team!

Lorena Guillé-Laris

FEMSA Foundation Director
Lorena has more than 15 years of experience in the philanthropy and corporate social responsibility sector. Throughout her career she has led corporate areas and organizations such as Fundación Cinépolis. In addition to her experience as intrapreneur, mentor, civil society advisor, and social responsibility professor, Lorena is second generation FEMSA and grew up with the company’s values.

Carlos Hurtado
Water Security and Circular Economy Manager

Eva Fernández
Social Investment in Early Childhood Manager

Luis Quirós
Arts and Culture Manager

Iraís Bermea
Head of Communications and Social Impact