Artistic projects that connect with people

Last May 18, during the celebration of the International Museums Day, we organized with the FEMSA Collection a virtual talk in which the participants reflected on the ways that artistic projects can connect with the audience.

During the session, broadcasted openly through the FEMSA Collection social media, Nayeli Zepeda, Coordinator of Nodo Cultura; Federico Martínez, member of the Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Ecatepec (MArCE), and Alberto Díaz, Coordinator of Curatorship and Innovation at the FEMSA Cultural Program, talked about the FEMSA Collection’s Lab Art, the MArCE and the project both organizations developed: “Agotar los muros” (Using up the walls).

Taking as a meeting point the focus on listening and getting to know their audiences, the FEMSA Collection’s Art Lab and the MArCE shared their reflections, proposals and challenges to overcome so that artistic projects can connect with people and offer meaningful content for them.

“I invite you to join us in this online session to talk about experiences and concerns regarding our audiences, how to really know who they are and how to be in constant communication with them. We are interested in continuing to generate networks of knowledge and collaboration through art, taking into account the great capacity that art has to influence individuals and the relationships they have with their environments”, said Rosa María Rodríguez Garza, Manager of our Cultural Program.

We started the FEMSA Collection’s Art Lab in 2018 with the aim of getting closer to one of our most important audiences: the company’s employees. During the last two years, this space has become an open place for users and mediators alike to ask questions, dialogue, build together and explore ways of transferring their learning to daily life, having art as the center and as a means of conversation.

For its part, the MArCE emerged in 2015 as a result of a series of meetings between visual artists, cultural managers and historians from Ecatepec, who devote their work to the community.

At FEMSA Collection we seek to document, disseminate, and enable encounters and learning with and through art.