Creating opportunities

At the beginning of 2020, when we thought about what the next twelve months would be like, we never imagined that something like the COVID-19 pandemic awaited us. More than a year later, the world we look back on today is very different from what we knew. This unusual situation put us in a position […]

Artistic projects that connect with people

Last May 18, during the celebration of the International Museums Day, we organized with the FEMSA Collection a virtual talk in which the participants reflected on the ways that artistic projects can connect with the audience. During the session, broadcasted openly through the FEMSA Collection social media, Nayeli Zepeda, Coordinator of Nodo Cultura; Federico Martínez, […]

3 essentials for an innovative social project

What does innovation mean? And specifically for social and environmental projects, what makes a project of this kind innovative? We brought these questions to the Latin American social entrepreneurs that received the IDB-FEMSA Award in 2019 for their projects focused on solving water, sanitation and solid waste challenges. Building on what they have learned through years […]

Early Childhood as a Global Workforce Imperative

Jerry Maginnis was a guest speaker at “Business, Families, Human Capital: Advantages of Investing Early,” an event for business leaders in Mexico to discuss the importance of investing in early childhood education. We hosted this event in October of this year alongside CitiBanamex, CMN, IMCO and ReadyNation International. To read Jerry’s take on why investing in the earliest […]

Aiming for efficiency from field to fork

United Nations predicts that population will grow from 7.6 billion to 9.8 billion by 2050, an increase of 28.9%. Meanwhile, FAO reports that one third of the food globally produced goes to waste. In this scenario (business as usual), we would have to expand crop areas in 593 million hectares to satisfy global food needs, […]

Navigating complexity

The paradigms for the management of resources are worn down and talent and capital are no longer enough to ensure a competitive advantage. Only the businesses and countries that get to build resilient systems and business models will be successful in the near future. An example of this is Latin America, where the abundance of […]

A Recap of the IDB-FEMSA 2018 Award

Last December 7, we met in Washington, D.C. to recognize the three winners of this edition of the IDB-FEMSA 2018 Award, and we found out what they had to say about their projects, their triumphs and their plans for the future. Join us! What technology did you present? José Matas (winner of the first place […]

The key to prosperous countries is in early childhood

Countries need to ensure that their children live in optimal conditions for their development even before they are born. There is still much to be done to achieve this goal and one of the best places to start is the design of public policies focused on the wellbeing of early childhood. Our vision is that […]