Seminario Políticas por el futuro early childhood
Investing in early childhood to change Mexico’s trajectory

At the Seminar “Policies for the future: Wellbeing since early childhood”, more than 45 leaders of the public sector learned of the benefits of strengthening public policies focused on early childhood as a vehicle for the country’s development.

Latin American Water Funds Partnership P4G
Latin American Water Funds Partnership recognized as State-of-the-Art Partnership

For its leadership and contributions towards Sustainable Development Goal #6, “Clean Water and Sanitation,” the Latin American Water Funds Partnership received this award from P4G, which each year recognizes the public-private partnerships that are driving green growth and climate action.

Water Funds summit no water to lose
No water to lose: more than 250 experts together for water security

Innovation, collective action for governance, investment, best practices for sustainable water use in agriculture and how to build impactful projects by making use of the power of nature were some of the central topics of the Water Funds Summit, which took place on July 18th and 19th at the Centro Histórico Hilton Hotel in Mexico City.