Biotechnology Center FEMSA skin treatment injuries diabetes
A way to improve the quality of life of people with diabetes

Researchers from the FEMSA Biotechnology Center development a treatment for severe skin wounds that helps the scarring of injuries on people that have diabetes Through a collaboration with Tecnológico de Monterrey and Farmacias Yza, Oaxaca became the first state in Mexico to receive this technology.

A comprehensive vision of the nexus between water, energy and food

We met with experts in natural resources management and sustainable development in a series of workshops that we organized together with the Inter-American Development Bank and Tecnológico de Monterrey, through the Water Center for Latin America and the Caribbean, to evolve towards a focus on the nexus between water, energy and food.

The beginning of life

The first five years of life mark the course of our lives. If we manage to change the beginning of our history, we change, in fact, everything. The beginning of life is a documentary that explores this premise and emphasizes the importance of supporting and promoting the development of children from pregnancy to five years old.