We are one of FEMSA’s institutions to fulfill its mission of creating social and economic value. We generate a positive impact on people and communities through sustainable social investment projects. Currently, we are working on Water Security, Circular Economy, Early Childhood, and Arts and Culture projects.

Social investment means providing tools to communities so that they take ownership of their development and thus generate a quantifiable social, economic, and environmental return.

Envisioning prosperity for this and the next Latin American generations, we focus on tackling, today, systemic social and environmental problems with science-based tools and solutions. With strong conviction, we strive to create and articulate alliances and interventions that enable us to foster change.

To attain this future, we concentrate on four causes that tackle systemic problems in the region: Water Security, Circular Economy, Arts and Culture, and Early Childhood.

Fostering relationships between people and cultural expressions has a series of undeniable positive impacts, since art and its creation, its mere appreciation, are among the most emotionally and intellectually charged phenomena we can expose ourselves to. By creating, during the process of reflection and critique, we learn about ourselves and our surroundings, we question reality and reimagine ourselves without barriers. That’s why we work to make art more accessible and inclusive to connect and create empathy while we strengthen the artistic ecosystem in Latin America.

We go through incredible transformations during the first years of life. The brain grows by the second, we learn rapidly and develop social and emotional skills with lasting effects. Because of this, it is important to create conditions that allow children to reach their full potential and transform the communities in which we operate.

At FEMSA Foundation we work so that all communities where we are present keep a sustainable relationship with water. To this end, we’re investing today in Water Security for these communities, so that future generations have stable, integral, and equitable access to water.

We envision a future without shortages or waste of resources, in which economic development advances in harmony with the preservation of our planet. To ensure it, we promote the implementation of circular economic models, which focus on reducing leakage of waste into the environment during the processes of collection and disposal.

We have developed projects in more than 13 Latin American countries to date.  Our goal is to continue exploring alternatives and other territories to contribute to community development.

You can submit your resume to the FEMSA job bank. We’ll reach out to you if there’s a job opening and your profile is a good match. Learn more at http://empleos.femsa.com/

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