We impact people and communities positively by driving social investment projects for sustainability.



More than responsibilities, social projects are investments that bring benefits for everyone in the long run.



We look for three traits in our projects:

  • Innovation. They offer different and efficient alternatives to solve existing problems.
  • Replicability. They adapt easily to cultures, contexts and the surroundings in which we work in.
  • Scalability. Once their efficiency is validated, they offer routes to reach dimensions that significantly impact society.



Our partners enable us to multiply the impact of our resources. For each dollar invested, we raise $9.56 USD.

Our Team

Board of Directors

The work and counsel of the Board of Directors has led us to foster development in the communities in which we work. Each and every one of the members of the Board has the key task of guiding efforts in regard to the projects that we evaluate and execute.


José Antonio Fernández Carbajal
Executive Chairman of the Board of Directors of FEMSA


Carlos Aldrete Ancira
General Counsel and Secretary of the Board of Directors of FEMSA


  • Javier Astaburuaga Sanjines
    Director of Corporate Development of FEMSA
  • Dolf van den Brink
    Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Cuauhtémoc-Moctezuma / Heineken México
  • Alfonso Garza Garza
    Chief Executive Officer of Strategic Businesses of FEMSA
  • José González Ornelas
    Director of Administration and Operational Control of FEMSA
  • Charles H. McTier
    Trustee and Former President of the Robert W. Woodruff Foundation, Inc.
  • Eduardo Padilla Silva
    Chief Executive Officer of FEMSA
  • Daniel Alberto Rodríguez Cofre
    Chief Executive Officer of FEMSA Comercio
  • Carlos Salazar Lomelín
    Advisor to the Chairman of FEMSA
  • Manuel Sama Treviño
    Managing Partner of Sama, Cueva y Valencia, Associated Consultants
  • John Santa María Otazua
    CEO of Coca-Cola FEMSA
  • Genaro Borrego Estrada
    Director of Corporate Affairs of FEMSA
  • Federico Reyes García
    Independent Consultant


The commitment and talent of our collaborators is what enables us to keep making positive impacts with each and every one of our actions. Meet FEMSA Foundation's team!

Mariano Montero

FEMSA Foundation Director

In 1973 he started his career in Human Resources at FEMSA. Since 1989 and for six years, he worked in intermediate authorities and in Nuevo León’s government. He returned to FEMSA in 1994 to lead Coca-Cola FEMSA in Argentina, the company’s first operation outside of Mexico. Since 2000, he led Imbera and PTM (Plastics Technology Mexico). Under his management, Imbera has become the largest commercial beverage refrigeration company in the world and PTM is leader in plastic products for material management in Mexico.

  • Carlos Hurtado
    Sustainable Development Manager
  • Eva Fernández
    Early Childhood Development Manager
  • Ilsa Ruiz
    Head of External Affairs and Administration


FEMSA, since its foundation, has been committed to foster social and economic value through its companies and institutions. In 2008, FEMSA Foundation started to work to contribute to achieve this mission through our social investments.

We’ve evolved in the course of our history in regard to our approach to ensure greater impacts each time. Today, we’ve impacted positively the lives of more than 17 million people in Latin America and the Caribbean.