Rewarding innovation in water, sanitation and solid waste

Together with the Inter-American Development Bank, we issued the announcement for the IDB-FEMSA Award 2020, with which since 2009 we recognize the most innovative solutions in the water, sanitization and solid waste management sectors in Latin America. 

This year we will carry out the IDB-FEMSA Award 2020 entirely in a virtual format through For this edition, a stimulus of US $ 10,000 will be awarded to each winner in the three categories: Water, Sanitation and Solid Waste. We will also recognize the most innovative solution in water, sanitation and/or solid waste that proposes a way to address issues related to the COVID-19. 

The IDB-FEMSA Award 2020, which we grant in collaboration with the IDB’s water and sanitation division, recognizes each year the most innovative solutions with proven results to overcome deficiencies and challenges in the water, sanitation and solid waste management sectors in Latin AmericaWe have granted it since 2009 to creative and innovative ventures, products, initiatives or services that already have positive and demonstrable impacts and results in those sectors. 

Looking to innovate?
The winners of the IDB-FEMSA Award 2019 have some advice to share with you. 


We will accept innovations that offer solutions in development or implemented products put in practice during at least 6 months and up to 4 years, from the moment this announcement is launched. As in previous years, all participants must submit a video no longer than two minutes explaining their proposal. 

The Award will be presented in a live virtual ceremony at the beginning of December 2020 in which the finalists will have the opportunity to introduce their solution to the judges and the participating public. 

An initial jury integrated by experts from the water and sanitation sectors will select a maximum of seven (7) candidate solutions as finalists, which will be invited to participate in the final stretch to compete for the first place in each category. The selected finalists will compete by presenting their solution in a “pitch by fire” format of a maximum of 2 minutes, before a final jury, made up of international experts and industry leaders, who will choose the three winners. 

Updates on this call will be made through the blog of the IDB’s Water and Sanitation Division, Volvamos a la Fuente.