Science, innovation and learning in favor of early childhood

On July 10, 11 and 12, we participated in the Community Learning Workshop in São Paulo. During these days, we had the opportunity to be part of this interactive event where we share knowledge, experiences and reflections with members of iLab in Brazil and the Innovation Accelerator for Early Childhood in Mexico. The workshop revolved around 3 key components of IDEAS Impact Framework: program design and project implementation, theory of change, and assessment.

Fundación FEMSA ciencia innovación aprendizaje primera infancia

We are committed to early childhood and one of our strategies is to support innovative models based on science that propose different, efficient and effective alternatives to address and solve problems. On the other hand, we know that in order to make better social investment decisions, it is necessary to identify and share lessons learned that allow us to strengthen and improve innovative projects, from their design and creation of materials, implementation strategies and assessment tools.

Pausing between the different cycles of the project implementation is a key element, since it provides us with a framework to assess from a new perspective the design, the implementation, and the planning of the necessary changes or adjustments before replicating or scaling the projects. Learning and reflection are oriented towards the best planning and implementation of initiatives and, therefore, a better future for our children and their families.