The beginning of life

The first five years of life mark the course of our lives. If we manage to change the beginning of our history, we change, in fact, everything.

This stage is essential in the lives of children because it is at this stage where the foundations for physical, cognitive, linguistic and social-emotional development are laid.

Comienzo a la vida_1_MAILING

The beginning of life is a documentary that explores this premise and emphasizes the importance of supporting and promoting the development of children from pregnancy to five years old.

Some of the recent discoveries of neuroscience reveal that investment in the first five years of life creates a better future for future generations.

Likewise, it explores how children develop their cognitive, social and emotional competences based on the quality interactions they receive and the environment around them.

Follow these instructions to see it for free:

  1. Visit the website Cinépolis Klic.
  2. Sign up or log in
  3. Search The beginning of life.
  4. Click on the play button and enjoy it!

The beginning of life is part of the efforts that we promote through the Association for Early Childhood and it is composed of Fundación Banorte, Fundación Cinépolis, LEGO Foundation and Fundación Televisa.

We appreciate the support of the distributor, producer and Cinépolis Klic for serving as bridges that allow us to send a critical and emphatic message about the cognitive development of children and the construction of a better society.

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