We celebrated 10 years with the FEMSA Race

It was 8:00 AM and we were eager to start our FEMSA Foundation 10 years Rally. We prepared this activity with great enthusiasm to raise awareness of the work we do every day on issues such as water, early childhood development and promotion of Latin American art and culture and, of course, to celebrate 10 years of making positive impacts. Upon entering the event, the participants came across activities that allowed them to understand how communities in which we work live.

From jumping the plane and carrying water containers to learning how to crawl and imitate works of art from the FEMSA Collection, the participants got to know first-hand what we do. In the FEMSA Foundation 10 years Rally, we were accompanied by 309 participants in Monterrey and another 277 in Mexico City. Together, we collected MXN $216,100. The participants discovered that in the final stretch they could transform the kilometers run into donations that boost projects in Latin America.

In addition, our Sesame Street friends also came to celebrate with us! Elmo, Enrique and Cookie Monster were congratulating all participants, regardless of their age, for having donated kilometers and making a positive impact with us. In FEMSA Foundation, we promote the development of communities with social investment projects. We promote the use and sustainable management of water, early childhood development, and Latin American art and culture. Today, we have reached more than 1,600 communities in more than 10 countries in Latin America and the Philippines.

On behalf of FEMSA Foundation, we want to thank you for your enthusiasm and your participation. We multiply positive impacts every day in the communities in which we work!