We delivered protection kits to more than 90,000 health staff members

As part of the Contagia Solidaridad (Spread Solidarity) initiative, which we promote together with Grupo Coppel, Santander, Soriana, Fundación Televisa and OXXO, we delivered more than 9.3 million supplies for the protection of more than 90 thousand members of the health staff in more than 150 hospitals, as well as to 16 Red Cross delegations, exceeding the initial support goal we had set for ourselves.

At the end of April we joined forces by calling on citizens to participate during May and June through different channels with an initial goal of delivering protective equipment to 70 thousand members of the medical staff in the health sector, which was surpassed to reach more than 90 thousand, with which we have managed to protect almost 20% of the country’s health personnel.

The generous contributions made at Santander ATMs and the Ayuda Santander account during May and June, as well as the contributions to the OXXO Customers Redondeo (Rounding) program made in 30% of the brand’s stores during June and July, totaled just over MXN $10 million pesos, which were multiplied by 4 thanks to the contributions of Grupo Coppel, Santander, Soriana and us.

These resources were added to the seed capital provided by OXXO and Fundación Televisa, as well as a contribution from andatti, the brand of coffee for sale in OXXO, joining forces with us, with Chocolate abuelita and Svetia.

“We deeply appreciate the commitment and generosity of the thousands of citizens who have supported the cause of Contagia Solidaridad. It has been especially inspiring to reach each of the hospitals and be able to deliver these supplies to take care of the health personnel who with great courage go out every day to take care of Mexico. For our part, we reaffirm our commitment to our country, each company with its own initiatives, knowing that now is the time to help and trusting that together we will move forward”, said in a joint statement Rocío Guerrero Lizárraga, Director of Social Responsibility of Grupo Coppel; Lorena Guillé-Laris, our director; Marcela Espinosa Macías, Director of Sustainability at Santander México; Claudia Aguado Hernández, Deputy Director of the Soriana Foundation; Alicia Lebrija Hirschfeld, Executive President of Fundación Televisa, and Jaime Longoria, Commercial Director of OXXO.

Each kit consists of 100 face masks and 4 masks, the latter made by PTM, a Mexican company dedicated to providing plastic transformation solutions that is part of FEMSA. The delivery was made possible thanks to the support of Solistica, also a FEMSA company, which provides comprehensive logistics solutions, and in conjunction with the OXXO Distribution Centers. In total, more than 9.3 million supplies were donated in 27 states of the country.

Detailed information on the deliveries, beneficiaries and development of the program are available at http://contagiasolidaridad.org.