We seek to position early childhood on the public agenda through the training and strengthening of decision makers, as well as making alliances and coalitions with the government, academia, and society.

Convinced that investing in early childhood is key to changing the course of our countries, we mobilize decision makers from the public sector. At the Policy for the Future Seminar we bring together public officials to discuss how developing early childhood is one of the best ways to lay the foundations for more prosperous and peaceful societies, with less inequality.

We position an agenda that promotes public policy in favor of early childhood. Through collective impact initiatives such as the Pact for Early Childhood, we seek to make this topic a national priority. From the Pact, we promoted the development of the National Strategy for Early Childhood Care (ENAPI) in Mexico, the first public policy dedicated to addressing the priorities of girls and boys between 0 and 6 years old.


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