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FEMSA's mission is to create social and economic value through companies and institutions. At FEMSA Foundation, we contribute to achieving this through our social investment strategy.

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For more than 125 years, FEMSA has accomplished its mission of creating social and economic value through companies and institutions. At FEMSA Foundation we contribute to achieve this through our social investment strategy with which we positively impact people and communities. We foster behavioral change and empower communities to take the reins for their development and thereby achieve sustainable interventions, generating a quantifiable social, economic and environmental return. For the success of our projects, we establish governance schemes in which we collaborate with various sectors to produce comprehensive solutions. Our goal is to design innovative models that are replicable and scalable to maximize the impact of our investment.

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"At FEMSA Foundation we work to ensure that all communities where FEMSA is present live a sustainable relationship with water. In order to achieve this, we seek that nature continues to provide water and that communities have systems to receive it in quantity and quality. We also promote applied scientific research as the basis for each of our actions."
Carlos Hurtado Aguilar, Manager of Sustainable Development


"The first years of life have a decisive impact on the trajectory of those who will inherit our countries tomorrow: children. Our vision is that they reach their full potential and transform the communities where we operate.

We must ensure that all children have optimal conditions and stimulating environments, even before birth. Only in this way can we build the foundations of a more productive and equitable society in the future."
Eva Fernández Garza, Manager of Early Childhood Development


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