We are strongly committed to sharing knowledge, but also to continuing to learn. During 2016, we opened spaces of dialogue and participated in forums where we exchanged ideas, best practices and experiences with experts and decision makers from the sectors where we make impacts.


    We brought together 117 organizations at the Early Childhood Development Symposium "Foundations for our Future", organized along the Inter-American Development Bank and Save the Children, in collaboration with the Secretariat of Health of Mexico, Televisa Foundation and Un Kilo de Ayuda. Here, we shared experiences in the execution of projects with more than 200 specialists and 37 international panelists.

    Additionally, we promoted the development of innovative initiatives to offer solutions to the challenges facing the water sector in Latin America and the Caribbean. At the eighth edition of the BID-FEMSA Water and Sanitation Prize, we recognized organizations that identified a specific problem related to water, sanitation or solid waste management, and that have achieved measurable progress in quality and access to these services.


    World Water Week in Stockholm is a forum where for eight years we have shared strategies for solving global challenges in the sector. In this edition, we participated in panels in which we talked about our evolution towards actions of green infrastructure and the development of new tools (like NED) to strengthen decision-making related to complex subjects.

    Also, with our partners, we presented projects in forums organized by The Society for Nutrition Education and Behavior, Experimental Biology and the International Meeting of Ludotecas (toy libraries). We had the opportunity to talk about experiences in the implementation of Healthy and Active, Healthy Edison Polygon, Eating as a Family, Ludonutrición (Game-based Nutrition), among others.