Ready to Play!

With Ready to play! we open doors to a better future through a multiplatform initiative where the characters from Sesame Street are the stars. We joined different sectors to develop innovative tools that are adaptable to regional context. We speak children’s language to promote healthy habits, involving their parents and caregivers since they play an important role in their health and development.


    In company of Elmo and his friends we can reach children more easily. Through the characters, we speak directly and we invite them to reflect with messages that promote healthy lifestyles, achieving a greater assimilation of knowledge.

    Sesame Street characters help children to learn during their early years of life about themes related to their well-being:

    • Physical activity reassessment
    • Habits and decisions for a balanced alimentation
    • Emotional management and self-control
    • Self-esteem
    • Social, emotional, health and mental development


    We want to be present in each moment of children’s lives. Therefore, we reach them through different digital platforms with activities to do with their parents, caretakers and teachers. Playing at home or in the park, in groups or individually, they learn to have conscience about their body, to stay active, eat healthy and take care of their health.

    We also reach public space. On October 23, we gathered with children, parents and even grandparents in the Monument to the Revolution, in Mexico City, to have fun and work out. Together with the Cookiemonster and Lola, we broke the Guinness Record of people dancing the hula hoop.

    Follow our platforms and play!
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    The whole society benefits from investments in children’s health and well-being. Only by including governments, companies, NGO’s, the academy, and communities can we promote the growth of the region in an integral way.

    We united in a public-private alliance with Sesame Street, UNICEF, the Secretariat of Health in Mexico, Carlos Slim Foundation, Canal Once and Ecuador TV to create Ready to Play! We multiply results, promote the plurality of voices and the taking of responsibilities from each sector to permeate and to promote the knowledge, and relevance of health and development during early childhood.