Through games, we promoted healthy lifestyles among children between 6 and 13 years of age in Tocancipá, Montería and Cartagena, Colombia. We engaged parents and teachers in their education, an essential requirement to promote health and development.


    We took the NAVES methodology as a base, incorporating the game as the central element to influence health and child development. While playing with children and the adults who surrounded them, we covered issues related to children's rights, such as food, health, education and recreation.

    We strengthened our strategy through:

    • • Collaboration with authorities to find solutions together.
    • Empowerment and involvement of families and teachers.
    • Monitoring and evaluation to determine progress in knowledge, attitudes, and adoption of healthy lifestyles.


    With diverse dynamics such as game meetings, school gardens, recreational vacations and visits to the neighborhoods, we brought healthy habits and physical activity practices directly to children. We maximized our impact by reaching their three main environments:

    • Ludotecas (toy libraries) NAVES, spaces located in each community where the game is used as a learning tool.
    • Schools, where teachers participate in the diffusion of knowledge.
    • Communities, engaging parents and family members in child health and development.