Family, school and community are children’s main environments. Their intervention in this stage plays an essential role in the adoption of habits for each child to learn how to take care of their own health. Since 2014, we collaborate along with OXXO in the Quality of Life axis of Edison Polygon Trust.


    With Save the Children and METAS (acronym for Motivate, Experiment and Transfer Health, in Spanish) we promoted healthy life habits among children, parents and teachers from the community. To implement Healthy Edison Polygon, we based our methodology in a strategic frame for the efficient use of health and nutrition resources. With the objective of achieving an effective intervention in schools for the third consecutive year, we searched to fulfill the basic children rights with four fundamental strategies:

    • Offering health and nutrition services.
    • Developing abilities and capacities in these topics.
    • Creating healthy environments.
    • Fostering community participation to create favorable environments.


    We brought knowledge to children, parents and teachers through collaborative activities such as summer camps, health fairs, hygiene campaigns and workshops with parents and teachers. In 2016 we increased the rates of different habits in the schools:

    • 21.16% in water consumption
    • 24.1% in intake of two or more vegetables a day
    • 26.63% physical activity practices during school recess