The Coca-Cola System aims to replenish the water used in all its operations by 2020. From our work with the Latin American Water Funds Partnership, we joined this goal to promote Water for the Future, a project with The Coca-Cola Company Latin Center and Coca-Cola FEMSA.


    For The Coca-Cola Company, compensating water consumption has broad significance. It is about allocating the efforts and resources necessary to replenish the total amount used in its drinks and contribute to the water security of the region. Achieving this also means that it is necessary to work with the communities that inhabit the watersheds to implement joint actions and stimulate their development.

    Since 2014, Water for the Future has been linked with Water Funds to implement conservation actions in the priority watersheds of Colombia, Costa Rica, Guatemala and Panama where Coca-Cola FEMSA operates. To date, these actions have resulted in more than 3 million cubic meters of water replenished to nature.


    We establish conservation agreements with the inhabitants of the watersheds. In order to achieve a true sustainable environmental impact, we generate a sense of belonging to the projects and develop their capacities to fulfill the established commitments.

    Our interventions cover a broad spectrum of actions based on green infrastructure. We replenish water with activities such as:
    • Reforestation with native trees
    • Preservation and revegetation of moors
    • Protection against cattle and fire
    • Restoration of damaged or destroyed ecosystems
    • Sustainable agriculture practices
    • Protection of riparian corridors