We have worked with Save the Children in Healthy and Active since 2014, encouraging students from 36 schools in southeast Mexico to grow as people accountable for their health and agents of change in society. We replicated these actions with their parents and teachers, who share the responsibility of providing them with healthy environments for their comprehensive development.


    Our methodology is supported on one of the four pillars of the strategic framework defined at the 2000 World Education Forum: improving knowledge and practices in the school community.

    Under this context we promoted innovative activities, based on the construction of knowledge through reflection, to empower children individually and collectively. In the Healthy Life Kids Clubs they learned how to improve their health and become leaders who will positively transform their family, school, and community.


    We detonated changes to transform each school into a meeting place for parents and teachers to raise awareness about the impact their interactions have on child development. In the company of children, we implemented formative and recreational activities with four main approaches:

    Balanced eating workshops, increasing consumption of two or more vegetables per day by 4.22%.
    Promotion of hydration habits, with an increase in water consumption at the school of 5.71%.
    Physical activity and active play practices during recess, with an increase of 19.58%.
    Weight and size monitoring campaigns.