Resilient Communities

With the work we do in this line of action, our goal is to build resilient communities with children at the center.

For children to reach their full potential, they need to have quality experiences with the adults around them. We strengthen the socioemotional skills of parents through projects such as Semillas de Apego, with which we provide psychosocial support to parents and caregivers in Tumaco, Colombia. We promote the affective bond between caregivers and children, which is a natural antidote to mitigate the effects of violence.

The quantity and quality of the experiences that children have in their early years are decisive. For this reason, we have projects that seek to improve early care and education services. Ready to Play! brings educational entertainment content to children and their families through digital platforms. In addition, with its community strategy, we have reached preschools and childcare centers in 5 countries, training and working alognside educators to integrate educational materials into their study programs.

We work to activate and enable public spaces with a childhood perspective. As part of the actions of the Early Childhood Collective, we launched the manual Jugando en Colectivo, which seeks to empower parents and caregivers with simple game ideas that can be carried out in public spaces and that stimulate skills which are vital for the future of their children.


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